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AZ Logistika not only offers its services within Azerbaijan but also is able to provide many services internationally. With our extensive fleet plus many years of experience in the business of logistics we have been able to extend our services abroad.

As one of the leading logistics service providers in Azerbaijan, we deeply understand the details and intricacies of cargo transportation procedures throughout the country. We specialize in rail transport, using the country's extensive rail network to deliver your cargo quickly and reliably. 

Here are some of the main reasons why you should trust us to transport your cargo in Azerbaijan: 

  • Wide network. Our company has a wide network of partners and suppliers in Azerbaijan, which allows us to provide our clients with convenient and efficient cargo transportation solutions. 

  • Experience. With many years of experience in the industry, our professional logistics team has the experience and knowledge to solve even the most complex transport problems. 

  • Thrift. We understand the importance of cost-effective logistics solutions and therefore offer competitive prices for all our cargo services in Azerbaijan. 

  • Rail freight transportation. We offer reliable rail transport solutions to deliver your products efficiently and safely. 

  • With our extensive network, experience and commitment to quality, we move your cargo safely and efficiently.


Contact us to learn more about our freight forwarding services in Azerbaijan! 

Container Shipping 

We offer a full range of container loading services at the terminal located in Baku and carry out door-to-door container transportation. 

The use of containers increases the efficiency of multimodal transportation, as it reduces costs associated with transportation, storage and processing of products, and also optimizes loading and unloading times. 

Thanks to modern infrastructure, highly qualified specialists and the joint efforts of TRACECA countries, it is possible to offer high-quality services and a regulated supply chain. 

Always be one step ahead of your competitors - based on the container transportation service, our company ensures the return of empty containers by rail between Central Asia and Turkey without transshipment. As a result, transportation costs are significantly reduced. 

The price of each container transportation is calculated individually by our specialists. 

Loading and unloading operations 

Loading and unloading operations are an integral part of any logistics process. Performing these works requires high qualifications from each specialist. 

Our company, equipped with modern loading and unloading equipment and staffed by professional specialists, offers cargo handling services, including vessel berthing and route planning. Our technical equipment at the terminals is suitable for all types of cargo, including containerized, rolled and liquid products. Experienced specialists of our company are fully aware of the intricacies of handling each type of cargo and keep all loading and unloading operations under strict control. 

Our loading and unloading service is based on respect and consideration for each customer's time, resulting in great emphasis on ensuring fast and error-free handling of products at terminals and ports. 

Freight transportation by sea transport 

The fact that sea vessels have a large carrying capacity and minimal risks make this type of cargo transportation service one of the most popular in the region. 

Thanks to close cooperation with the seaports of the Caspian countries and well-thought-out sea routes, we offer our clients attractive tariffs and maintain a high level of service. Our solutions, combining sea freight with rail and road transport, allow you to deliver your cargo door-to-door. 

The technical equipment of our cargo ships allows us to transport oil, petroleum products, chemical products, liquefied gas, raw materials, equipment, cars, animals and many other cargoes. The transport of dangerous goods by sea is strictly regulated by national and international regulations. 

Qualified handling of cargo, our professional and constantly developing team raises the level of sea cargo transportation service to a new, higher level and gives you complete confidence and peace of mind regarding the safety of your cargo. 

Our professional and ever-evolving team of experienced movers provides a new, higher level of ocean freight services that provide complete peace of mind and comfort for your cargo. 

East-West-Lower Corridor 

Route: China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Caspian Sea – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey/Black Sea – Europe 

This route is intended to increase cargo transportation from China to European countries and Turkey, as well as in the opposite direction. 

A block train moving along this corridor delivers goods from China to Europe in an average of 20-25 days. This is one of the main advantages of the transport corridor. 

Middle Corridor

Route: China – Kazakhstan – Caspian Sea – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey/Black Sea – Europe 

The middle corridor serves to increase cargo transportation from China to European countries, as well as to Turkey and vice versa. 

A block train moving along this corridor delivers goods from China to Europe in an average of 20-25 days. This is one of the main advantages of the transport corridor. 

East-West-Upper Corridor

The specified route provides for the delivery of goods from China, Japan and South Korea to the ports of the Russian Far East, and from there by rail from the territory of Azerbaijan to other countries in the region, as well as in the opposite direction. 


Route: Baltic Sea – Russia – Azerbaijan – Iran – India. 

Route: China/Japan/South Korea – Russia – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey/Black Sea – Europe. 

The western route of the North-South transport corridor mainly serves the delivery of goods from the Indian subcontinent and the Persian Gulf region to Europe, Western Russia, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia from the territory of Azerbaijan. The main advantage of the western route of the North-South transport corridor compared to other routes is that the transit distance and transit time are two to three times less. 

If sea delivery to Helsinki via the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas takes 45–60 days, then along the North-South transit corridor it takes 20–25 days. 


Route: India – Persian Gulf – Iran – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Ukraine – Europe 

The South-West Transport Corridor serves the transport of goods between European countries and India. 

The corridor reduces time lost when transporting goods from India to Europe and vice versa through Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Ukraine. Cargo transportation along this corridor is possible within 12-14 days. 

Delivery time for alternative routes is 35-37 days. 

Trans-Caspian International Transport Corridor

The North-South transport corridor is designed to connect Northern Europe with Southeast Asia, including the railways of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia. At the first stage, it is planned to transport about six million tons of cargo along the North-South corridor throughout the year, and then 15-20 million tons of cargo. The cargo will pass through India in just 14 days and go to Scandinavia and Northern Europe via the Persian Gulf, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia. 

We have managed to become a reliable and trustworthy employee of many railways, logistics centers, and ports: 

- Azerbaijan Railways 

- Port of Baku 

- Port Hovsan  

- Russian Railways 

- Turkish Railways 

- Georgian Railways 

- Iranian Railways 

- Kazakh Railways 

- Turkmenistan Railways 

- Uzbek Railways 

- Railways of Tajikistan 

- Port Zira 

- Puta Terminal 

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