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AZ Logistika has many years of combined experience and professionalism when it comes to this specialist area of haulage. Since 2009 we has become the country's leading logistics company with an unrivalled reputation in this field.

Our bespoke fleet fitted with GPS are fully equipped to transport dangerous cargos. Our drivers are highly experienced and fully qualified, attending regular special training courses in the transportation of dangerous goods.

In addition all personnel involved in the administration and logistics of dangerous cargos undertake special courses to improve their professional skills and their knowledge. This training process is conducted and regulated by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The transportation of valuable but dangerous and hazardous goods require the most specialist of carriers and choosing AZ Logistika is not just desirable but critical. All the vehicles used by our company have special equipment for transportation.

Oil Product Transportation Services:


  • Vehicle fuel (Diesel, Petrol)

  • Crude oil

  • Oily water

  • Lubricants


As all transportation of dangerous goods across the country are regulated by the government AZ Logistika has approval and all the necessary permits from all the relevant government bodies. Clients can therefore be assured that when commissioning AZ Logistika to transport safely dangerous ADR cargo, we are observing and operating fully within the rules and guidelines that conform with Order No: 104 Azerbaijan Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Emergency situations Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Azerbaijan, European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (EAICDGR) (Geneva, September 30, 1957).

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