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AZ Logistika is not only limited to providing transport services, we are also able to provide various Renting Services. Coupled with our logistic capabilities we are able to ensure that no matter where you are based we can provide you with any of our extensive services.

Portable Toilets

We can supply Portable-Toilets suited for on-site use. The sizes available range from single occupancy to up to 5-person capacity.

Alongside the provision of Portable-Toilets we can provide various additional services, provision of items such as toilet paper, soap, cleaning products etc., we can also clean the bio-toilets for you as well as remove the sewage ourselves and replace it with clean water. We have the capability to completely look after and take care of the Portable-Toilets all in one package so you don’t need to.

Mobile Offices

We can provide Portable Offices in sizes of either 6ft or 12ft set up for short term or long-term use for duties such as security, on-site managers office, changing rooms or other uses where an enclosed area is required. These set up office containers can be fitted with the required furniture, chairs, tables etc as well as having the capability to be powered allowing the use of electronics devices such as lighting, computers, laptops etc.

Containers, Skips, Wheelie Bins

AZLogistika offers the provision of skips, containers and wheelie bins for disposal, collection and transportation of all waste. These come color coded to help with the organization of different waste types to easily and effectively dispose of waste in the most environmentally friendly way.
Our skips can hold 5m3 or 6m3 of waste and also if requested can come equipped with a metal cover, to protect against the weather, rodent infestation and reduces the extremities of any unpleasant smells in the vicinity due to build up of waste.




Type of waste

Food waste
General waste
Metal waste
Wood waste
Medical waste
Oily waste

Our containers come in two sizes, 24m3 and 36m3, these can be used to place large amounts of material waste such as construction material which can then be disposed of by us in the necessary manner.
Wheelie Bins can also be provided by use for general waste such as food, boxes, plastics etc. These wheelie bins can then be emptied by us keeping your site clean.

We can also supply Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) which are reusable industrial containers designed for the transport and storage of bulk liquids and granulated substances, such as chemicals, food ingredients, solvents, pharmaceuticals, etc.

We can provide Forklifts for moving heavy loads on site, these vehicles are maintained and meet all the required safety standards. As well as the provision of forklifts we can also provide the transportation for moving the vehicle to the destination of work, fuel for the forklift and provide an experienced member of our team with all the necessary qualifications to operate the vehicle safely.

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