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Operating across the country, we are a truly unrivalled national carrier with expertise in the transportation of hazardous goods, bulk liquids and solids by road. We are renowned for our track record in providing a reliable effective service.

We take pride in knowing that we provide safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the transportation of dangerous goods as a result of our highly trained staff, fully qualified drivers, world-class equipment and rigorous safety procedures. This means you can rely on us for on-time delivery and our ability to minimize the risk of costly delays and incidents related to the transportation of dangerous goods. Our promise to you is safety, performance and peace of mind when using our services.

Our unrivalled safety record has made us the market leader in the transportation of dangerous goods and bulk liquids within Azerbaijan.

AZ Logistika offers nationwide transportation of a full spectrum of dangerous goods, liquids, chemicals, and other products by road. We are fully equipped and flexible enough to meet any specific handling requirements of the most specialised materials.

Safety lies at the heart of everything we do and is the key to our commercial success. We promote and maintain the highest standards of Health and Safety for all our employees and anyone who may be affected by our activities. Our robust Health and Safety Management System is focused on employing a consistent best practice approach.

In fact, when it comes to dangerous products, we are simply the most trusted name in the business. We are the carrier of choice for dangerous goods transport for all the major companies in the Oil and Gas industry within Azerbaijan. We also work for a range of clients in construction, manufacturing and other industries, with an outstanding on-time delivery rate of 99.98%.

As well as transporting dangerous materials, we offer complementary services including warehousing and supplying additional plant and equipment. Plus, our staff offer advice to clients on issues ranging from plant and equipment set-up to safety procedures and training.

Vehicle type:

  • Road Tankers for transportation of hydrocarbon products

  • Flatbed Trailers

  • Drop Deck Trailers

  • Drop and Hook Capabilities

  • Vacuum Trucks

  • Road Tankers for transportation of portable water, produced water, sewage water

  • Skip trucks

  • Garbage truck

  • Light lorry vehicle

  • Tipper Trailer Unit (Transporting containers and large drill cutting boxes)

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